Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i am so alive!!!

As i drifted off to sleep last night, a million things ran through my head (as usual).  Thoughts of a snowy-white Christmas, the New Year, all that had happened over the last couple of years...my life has changed so much!  One of the final thoughts before i fall asleep is how happy i am right here, right now...a sense of deep appreciation washes over me and i sleep.

The next sound i hear is the alarm and i am disappointed because i was having a very action-packed vivid dream about racing to the site of a concert...can't recall which concert, but it was in Vegas and i had great seats at the top of a new hotel and i was having trouble getting there and when it seemed i was about to make it, the alarm went off - lol, figures :)

i finally get up and make my way downstairs to make coffee and, again, a deep sense of gratitude hits me - i feel it warm me from my face to my toes and feel like doing cartwheels (but i don't). 

Some say the newlywed phase fades after time...all i know is that i have felt the butterflies every time i even think about SirW over the past couple of years.  When i actually see Him, my body becomes weak and His cunt twitches with excitement!  i cannot help it :)  Of course, there are kids in the house, so i don't jump Him, but i love that i really want to...i have a sexual stimulation that sticks with me every day and i love it!

i did not feel like i was settling when i got married the first time, but i never felt these feelings for my previous husband...i did not know i could feel this way until i met SirW, so i am taken by surprise with these feelings and cherish them every day.

Nothing major to report in this blog, just that i am flooded with true joy that feels like the sun is bursting through every pore of my body - i am so alive!!!

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  1. Im really happy for you. I've been reading your blog and i know you've had hard times with the ex husband and the kids...now you can enjoy your new found free spirit.