Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rules, Rituals & Protocols

Now that Master's mom has gone home, and the fact that His children will stay with their mom from time to time, i am able to perform some rituals that Master has requested of me.  The rituals that i already perform (even with a full house) are as follows:

Each morning, i am to lay out on the counter washroom His electric razor, shaving cream, manual razor and toothbrush in a specific order and placement.  Then, i am to quietly place a mug of coffee on His nightstand.  Then, unless He specifies the night before, it's kitten's choice as to exactly how i wake Him day, i sucked His cock awake *giggles* and another day, i scratched and tickled His whole body for 30 minutes until His alarm went off.  Tomorrow, i think i will play with His nipples and watch Him squirm a little *claps excitedly*

Before He leaves for work, i have been making Him a lunch to take with Him - He has not requested this, but it gives me joy to do so and He has not denied my doing it, so it is more of a tradition than a ritual for me.

Master will typically give me a few tasks to complete during my day, so i keep busy and i also have plenty of time to lounge around and/or nap.

When He returns home, i am to be naked and in Surrender position (If the kids are not home of course!).  This position is a lot like feline position, but i am extended out further with my head close to the floor and my arms extended out in front of me.

For bedtime, i am to bathe and prepare all of His openings for use, brush my teeth and grab the hairbrush.  Master enjoys brushing my hair each night and OH, does it feel so good!  It really relaxes me.  Then, while He brushes His teeth, i turn the bedsheets down and climb onto the bench in front of the bed and wait on my knees for Him.  Then, after He climbs into bed, i ask for permission to join Him.  He will either grant it or ask me to complete some last minute tasks.  When i make it into His bed, i can ask if i ma pleasure Him or ask how i may pleasure Him - either way, i look forward to this particular moment, as it means We are intimate with each other.  It really doesn't matter to me exactly what We do - We eventually fall asleep in each other's arms, which is blissful to say the least!

Last night was the weekly Wednesday slosh - it's a vanilla event for the local kinksters to get together and is also a time where polite protocol takes place.  All Doms/Dommes are greeted properly with 'Sir' or "Ma'm'.  i am allowed to pick three things from the menu to each and Master will make the final choice for me.  Some of the slaves that attend wait for permission to eat once the meal arrives - it makes me hesitate a little for Master to give me the 'go ahead and eat' look, even though that is not one of the protocols We have in place.

Tonight, there will be no on home, which means it's DUNGEON NIGHT!  Master has had His eyes on His various whips and will need to satisfy His itchy fingers *grins wickedly*  i am so looking forward to all the things that will take place in Our dungeon tonight!

Tomorrow is BDSM night at the local kink club, so We will have another opportunity to get Our kink on in public.  It also another chance to practice proper protocols with His fellow piers in the community.  While |Master always wants my eyes to look into His, when i meet or address other Dom's, i am to avert my eyes (i admit i have to remind myself of this, as it is something i forget to do most of the time).  Most of the Dom's, after asking permission from Master, like to hive a big hug to say hello, as well as their subs, so it feels like one big family most of the time.

As Y/you can see, Out social calendar is busy and Our home life is beautifully cohesive, which makes for one happy kitten!

kitten is still suffering with allergies...i have seen a regular Dr., as well as a Naturalpath, which is similar to a Homeopath.  None of the things prescribed or suggested have worked very well, so i am just coping with the symptoms for now.  i am hopeful that they will ease up as Fall gets closer, but after We are married (and i am insured), if the allergies are still giving me trouble, i will seek an Allergist for testing and possible shots, so i can end the suffering.  Needless to say, i am sooo looking forward to Fall and Winter.

p.s. the Ginger Root is still on the counter, staring at me every day, taunting me *cackles*

Peace and love to A/all,


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  1. you seem to be having a ball...smiles.

    blossom x