Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my happiness is His

One of the many benefits of a D/s relationship (for me) is the fact that my Dom is interested in all the aspects of my life.  If there are things i am unhappy with or feel unbalanced, He takes an active role in helping me improve these things.  In other words, my happiness is important to Him, so He makes an effort to ensure my success.  Let me give Y/you a prime example of this:

One of the things that i am not happy with, is my weight.  When i quit smoking cigarettes a few years ago, i gained about 30lbs and have lost and gained weight with various diets like a flippin' yo yo - it has been so frustrating!  i expressed my grief to SirW and asked for His guidance and help.  Yesterday morning, i woke as usual, set out His razor, shaving cream and toothbrush (in the exact order He specified), made coffee and quietly placed it on His nightstand and proceeded to massage His body and eventually ended up with His cock in my mouth (i was given the honor of deciding how to wake Him up each morning, unless He specifies the night before).  Once awake, We make Our way downstairs and read up on the news and catch up on various websites as We drink coffee (and i make His lunch, which is not something He has asked me to do).  Yesterday, however, He reached for a writing book entitled, "SirW's House book for kitten" and began to write.  i was curious, but kept my composure.  When He finished, He told me that He wrote down the days tasks.

Here's what i did yesterday:
  • Between 8am-10am: Put on my ankle and hand weights and walked briskly for one hour.
  • Between 2pm-4pm:  Without weights, walk briskly OR bike ride OR swim for one hour.
  • Twice daily:  walk the dogs for 15 minutes
  • After dinner, a bike ride or swim (with SirW) for one hour
As far as what i eat, i am in charge of that, so i am being very conscientious about eating right.

This is an ongoing task for each day this week, along with a changing daily requests, such as update my blog or read a specific book and practice my D/s positions for 15 minutes.

Doing this is not easy, but because it's a directive from my Dom, i must obey, right? 

Today, i did my hour walk with weights and look forward to the afternoon exercise as well because i know i am obeying my Dom...and in turn, the benefits will become visible after a while.

This is just one example of my Master's active Dominance.  i am so grateful to Him for the care and energy He gives me.  i am an extremely happy submissive, proud to call myself His kitten.  Outside all of this, i am a very satisfied woman, for my Man loves me the way every woman should be loved:  completely.



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