Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good Books & Anal Hooks!

1st of all, HAPPY 4th of July!

i am still having trouble getting through the 3rd installment of the 50 Shades of Grey books, but i actually want to get done with it, so i can move on to something new, so i will keep trying.

Last Saturday, Master and i went to a BDSM club (D & D).  i was excited because it would be one of the 1st opportunities We have had to play a scene and take a break from the vanilla world We have been living.  Ooooh, that sounded bad...the vanilla world We have been living has been wonderful - Master's mother came to visit on the 14th of June (the week after i arrived).  Prior to that, Master's kids have been with Us, making it almost impossible to slip into D/s mode, but all that has still been beautiful, as it has given Us a chance to solidify Our family life.  Master's daughter graduated from High School on Friday (which was the main reason for His mom's visit).  On July 28th, Master took me to Hogs Back River, got down on one knee and proposed marriage - He asked me if i would do Him the honor of becoming His wife, and of course, i said YES!!!  All in all, the past few weeks have been wonderful, all accept for the major allergies i have been experiencing.  i won't go into detail, but i will say that it has been a battle my body has been fighting and will hopefully win soon.  Last Thursday, i attended a local MAsT meeting for subs and slaves to chat in a round-table environment and it was so great!

Now then, back to this past Saturday at the club:

In a building that used to be (and will soon be again) a church (the club is moving out of this building), dozens of people gathered with various potluck dishes (i made fruit salad).  The club had the main floor and a basement floor.  The main floor was where most of the socializing happened, along with a few areas for play.  One Dom topped many subs, one after the other for most of the night and all of it was spectacular to watch!  Later on the stage, a trio of subs were roped together (asses out) to a pole and spanked and flogged for a while - quite amusing!).  Master lead me downstairs to one of the rooms (none of them had doors, so anyone could watch if they chose to).  After i stripped down to my G-string, Master proceeded to use a myriad of tools on me, including but not limited to some whips, floggers, canes, nipple clamps and rope - it was AMAZING!  He is so awesome with all that He does, both physically and mentally - i am such a lucky girl!  Then, He placed nipple clamps with bells on me and paraded me around the main floor and had a few people play with His breasts to hear the jingle *giggles*  He had me do some jumping jacks for one person and it hurt sooooo bad that i cried and had to use breathing techniques to gain control over the pain.  After a couple of hours of stimulating conversations with many different people (Doms, subs, puppys (hehe), TVs, etc.), We left for the evening - WHAT A TOTAL BLAST!!!

On Sunday (Canada Day), We were invited to an animal farm that had a great set up: 3 water quarries to swim in, tons of food and drinks, and acres of grass that has various animals, from Buffalo's and Llamas to baby Ducklings and amazing Peacocks.  Being born and raised with allergies to animals, i had never seen these things in person (only on Television), so it was quite thrilling for me - a fantastic day from beginning to end.

Yesterday, His mother's visit ended and she went back to her hometown.  Last night, when We were ready for bed, i climbed onto the bench in front of the bed and asked for permission to enter His bed.  After He granted that, i asked if He would allow me to pleasure Him, and while He granted that, He was prepared to pleasure me too...during my highly enjoyable cocking sucking, He opened His side drawer and retrieved an ANAL eyes widened as i continued to suck feverishly.  He tied my hair with rope and inserted the Anal Hook into His ass and to my hair and worked me into a tizzy!  Long story-short, We both eeeked out Our orgasms...some of His was aimed at my face and hair, which i absolutely love *giggles*

Tonight is Our weekly Wednesday BDSM slosh at the pub, a gathering of local BDSM friends in a vanilla scene and always awesome!

Friday is another BDSM club (B & B), which is held each 1st and 3rd Friday - this will be my first time here, so i am very excited about it!

Basically, Our social calendar is filled with a nice mix of both vanilla and D/s events and We are B/both loving it!  Aside from that, We are waiting for paperwork to be processed in order to get married (it should take a month or so).  After that, the paperwork to apply for Landed Immigrant status will be filed - this process could take a year (give or take a few months), so until that is complete, i will not be allowed to work.  Master and i are going to sit down and discuss my tasks and responsibilities (vanilla and D/s).

That, in a nutshell is what's happening in my life at the moment and i wouldn't trade it for the world, for being united with Master is a dream come true.  We are so well suited for each other - it's really mind-blowing!

p.s. Master picked up some Ginger Root that has been sitting on the counter, staring at me every day, waiting to be inserted into the body part of His choice and i cannot wait!!!

ciao for now,


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