Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 Weeks

This Saturday marks 3 weeks of being with Master - it's the first time We have been together without the thought of one of Us having to leave on Our shoulders and it is quite comforting.  Master took a week off from work, and His mother came down for a visit and will stay until July 3rd.  We have, however, been able to attend the weekly BDSM community sloshes on Wednesdays.  We attended a house play party, where We were able to do a public scene together, which included a very special ending where all the party participants were given permission by Master to welcome me to the community with a welcome spank.  The tears that flowed from me were not from any serious pain, but from the feeling of belonging and acceptance.  This Saturday is a play party at one of the BDSM clubs, where Master and i will get the opportunity to play a scene again - can't wait!

Still no official engagement *pouts*

All in all, my life with Master is more than i imagined...not only do i fall in love with Him anew every day, i have also fallen in love with Canada, my new home.




  1. i am extremely happy for you!! congrats!

  2. im sure the official engagement will come soon, he is probably planning something really nice for you.

    its all looking good for you though..smiles

    blossom x